by Son of Perdition



Twenty-four quick years have went by
Then twenty-five, I'm thankful to be alive
Even if it is truly only out of spite
My terms, motherfuckers, when the sickle strikes
My control of the hand that holds the

I felt the fires of Hell on the coldest nights
I have seen true love, oh, what a sight
When it burned, it gave off such a brilliant light
When fueled by a lie, the world could ignite
I only tasted victory straight from her lips
And became addicted to her poison kiss
As the chance slipped away, I waved goodbye
I have felt the lowest lows and the highest

I solemnly sought solace in solitude
I willingly threw away all I thought I knew
In the name of revenge, I was all-consumed
I took the whole world and crushed it to a molecule
I have climbed the steepest slope and it was made of ice
I felt the sharpest pain just to see what it was like
I was ahead of the curve until I fell behind
I only found a sense of self when I lost my

When it came falling down, I was nowhere to be found

I've said the evilest things I could have never meant
I've met so many demons that claimed to be Heaven-sent
While I fell into the hole of irrelevance
I sold the future in favor of remembrance
I drank it all down just to slow my thoughts
I saw sickness up close and the Hell it wrought
In search of clarity, I lost sight of what I sought
Within the chaos, I have lost fights I never fought
I've been to forbidden places where they don't know my name
I've met so many different people but they were the same
Surely I was doomed to fail unless I learned their game
I held on tightly to the triumph as it turned to shame
I have sided with no one and learned to oppose
Turned my back to the curtain and brought it to a close
I have lost the advantage, but then I gained the right
To reclaim the control of my own

When it came falling down, I was nowhere to be found


released December 23, 2016


all rights reserved


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